Going Green For Baby

Going Green For Baby

For new parents, it can be a daunting task, trying to adhere to their green lifestyle, as well as care for their new addition.

But it is not as hard as you may first think that it is and you do not have to compromise on sustainability, just because you want the best for your little one.


The first major challenge is finding the right nappies for your new baby.

Once upon a time, choosing re-usable nappies was not an easy option for new parents. And sometimes, they were not as good as the less environmentally friendly options.

Happily, this is no longer the case these days. There are many different brands and style of washable and reusable nappies on the market.

Some of them come with a collection and laundry service, if washing them is a problem.

Whether you pick the traditional look of terry towelling or something a bit more clever, there has never been as much choice as there is now for sustainability when it comes to your child’s nappies.

Some brands to ponder include Tots Bots, Mothercare and Cushie Tushies.


Cars are very useful things, but only using them when necessary is not as difficult as you may first think.

Certainly, there are always going to be some journeys which you are not going to be able to undertake on foot. But where possible, why not walk with your new child?

Not only will the fresh air do them some good, but it gives them a better chance to interact with their surroundings and get to know the world first hand.


Not everything for your little one needs to be bought brand new.

Baby clothes in particular do not get very much wear and charity shops provide an excellent source of almost new looking baby clothes.

In all likelihood, a new baby will grow out of their clothing before they wear it out, so switching to second hand could be a nice easy way to help sustainability.


Don’t let your desire to be clean result in a chemical cocktail that could be damaging not only to the environment, but possibly to your child as well.

Source natural solutions to cleaning and limit the use of hard chemicals to the absolute minimum – especially in the nursery.

We have more tips for sustainable living with a new baby and children. Check out some of our previous blogs on the subject.


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